The level of physical activity decreases with age, this is especially significant after the age of 65.

Exercise improves blood pressure levels, reduces the risk of ischemic heart disease and improves the lipid profile. The incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus is decreased among those who do physical exercise on a regular basis. It also helps bone density with a decrease in the risk of falls and pain to osteoarticular processes

What are our exercise programs?

Many of them are performed at the patient's home due to mobility problems. In addition, we involve family members or caregivers.

Our goals are to keep elderly patients active to improve their quality of life. If they improve their mobility, their aerobic capacity, balance and strength, they improve their self-esteem, their confidence and their mood, as well as their autonomy.

We work with patients of different ages and different physical aptitudes and with all of them we manage to maintain or improve their qualities.

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