Pregnancy is a stage of personal maturation, of connecting with yourself and with your baby. For this, if you take care of your health, you are taking care of the health of your baby.

The first thing we do with our moms is a complete assessment individually. In it, what we value is how the abdomen is activated, how that abdomen acts in different actions that the mother performs, how is her pelvic floor, how is her diaphragm and if she suffers from any ailment. From there we already assess if the mother needs any individualized treatment, if she practices any sport and we must adapt it or directly start the physical preparation for childbirth with us from week 20.

After the assessment we already know how the mother is in a global way and for them we make very small groups to control what is done at all times and be able to get more out of the classes.

The objectives are aimed at working the muscles involved in childbirth, to give mobility to the pelvis so that that day is free, relieve possible pain, a global work of the whole body (you must not forget that the upper limbs should be strengthened when you have the baby in your arms), relax the diaphragm, time to connect with your baby and with yourself.

We teach you how to perform perineal massage and when to start.

In addition, in recent weeks, we have been doing a workshop with The parents to talk about the birth itself, the phases it has, how it can help you and above all reassure you.


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