Do you leak urine when you laugh or sneeze? Do you go to the bathroom many times?

Perhaps you do not know that apart from surgery and the pharmacological branch, from physiotherapy we can help you by first making a good assessment to know the cause of these symptoms.

It is generally easier than we think. Many times modifying voiding habits, with a little manual therapy, some specific exercises and with constancy we solve the problem.

Do you involuntarily escape gases? Do you stain your panties with fecal matter?

Sometimes after surgical interventions such as anal fissures, fistulas or abscesses, after some complication in childbirth, due to poor nutrition or chronic constipation, the anal canal stops being what it was before and you begin to have problems with gas or stool continence.

To do this, we guide you to regulate intestinal transit, we work to improve defecation so that it is not painful, we work the tone of both the anal sphincter and the pelvic floor and the abdominal girdle; a global job so you can return to your daily life without complications.

Do you notice vaginal heaviness at the end of the day? Do you notice that something comes out of your vagina? And also, during sexual intercourse, do you have pain?

Well, let me explain, when the supporting tissue or the pelvic floor muscles fail, both because of lack of tone or because there is excess pressure in the pelvis, prolapse occurs. And the prolapse is nothing more than a descent of an organ that can be: the bladder, the uterus or the rectum.

Before the operation you have to use physical therapy.
Imagine that you have very little prolapse; Well, physiotherapy helps you to maintain it, that it does not go to more and to reduce the symptoms you have.

On the other hand, imagine that you have a very lowered organ and they tell you that you are going to end up in the operating room. Well, you must do specific rehabilitation of the pelvic floor and abdomen for this surgery to be effective, go prepared before the operation and then maintain that static correctly.

Do you have pain in sexual intercourse? Do you have pain when defecating? Do you have recurring irritation or stinging? Are your periods painful?

Pain is a very broad topic and many times it is worked hand in hand with other professionals.

Evaluating carefully we get an appropriate diagnosis and for this we use the appropriate techniques.

When there is a sexual dysfunction, the quality of life of a woman can be diminished both from the physical, mental and social point of view.

The causes are very diverse: due to a problem in the pelvic floor (due to lack of tone, strength or too much basic tone), due to hormonal imbalances, vascular problems, nervous system imbalances, due to ignorance of many things related to sex or of the own genitals or simply by pain.

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